NOTE: Due to weather we will dismiss early. Dismissal will be 8:30pm for Sunday

Sign up! June 2-6 Evenings, 5:30-9:00pm!

We’d love for your child (4&5 year olds and completed kindergarten through 5th grade) to join us at MEGA Sports Camp! All the kids who attend will choose one of these sports to focus on: Basketball, Soccer, Football, Cheer, Volley Ball, and Pre-K sports basic (4&5’s).

But that’s not all! Kids will also enjoy upbeat rallies filled with energetic music, fun sports stories, and Bible stories that will help them discover character traits that can help them excel in sports and in life. All this sports fun takes place at Heartland Church.

Registration is now open!

Dropping off... Picking up...

And making camp great!

- To keep our campers safe, a designated adult needs to sign campers in, and sign them out.
- We understand this can be cumbersome, but child safety is important to you and us.
- For check in: Tables will be in the lobby. Say hi to our happy team, check in, and then your camper starts the fun at CAMP MSC.
- For check out: The tables will be by the entrance to CAMP MSC. We will call the tired and hard working camper's name and bring them out to you.
- Have your ID available if we are unfamiliar with the person picking the camper up. It should be the same person checking you in and out.
- Only those designated to pick a camper up should check them out.
- No camper should be in the parking lot without an adult.
Making camp great is a team effort! Here are some tips to making your camper's time at Camp MSC amazing:
- A hydrated camp is a happy camp! While we will have water and hydration available for all campers, and some amazing snacks, hydration starts in the morning!
- A fed camp is a fabulous camp! Food is fuel. Eating well during the day and a light meal before camp will help the camper be successful.
- A rested camp is a remarkable camp! Campers need their rest. We know, it's the summer, but good rest is important. Help manage the campers energy during the day so they can have fun during camp.

Thursday Fun Day!

Thursday is a different schedule AND a family fun time! Schedule will be posted here!